Our Church (What we care about)

our church

Just like any other family, there are certain things that we want to mark us as a church family.  As we pursue our mission by living out our vision we want to have a church culture that cares about:

1. Gospel centered

We believe the gospel of our Lord Jesus – that through faith in him our sinful lives are covered by his sinless life, our judgment of death is covered by his own death on the cross and we were raised to new life through the new resurrected life that Jesus now lives- is central to everything we are as individuals and as a church.   We never move on from this gospel, but seek to continually move in to a more glorious realm and experience of the gospel.

2. Environment

The gospel creates a new environment which brings together different people to live in unity as we pursue Jesus and His mission.  This community takes place through local churches where deep relationships with God are pursued.  For us, church is not a building or a service time, but who we are as a community on mission together with our father.

3. Mission

We believe Jesus has sent the church into the world for the mission of making, nurturing and multiplying his disciples to the ends of the earth until He returns. Embracing our identity as sent by Jesus is essential to understanding that all of life (at work, at home, on our block, in our church community) is mission.

4. Serving

Just as our Lord Jesus sacrificially served us, so too we want to sacrificially serve those in our church, as well as, our neighborhoods.  We want to do this by using our gifts and resources for the needs of others, especially the poor and the less privileged and those that have been handicapped in one way or the other.

5. Diversity

One of the best expressions of the unique unity that the gospel of our Lord Jesus brings is through having diverse people embrace that gospel in our community together.  We are intentionally seeking to be a church that reflects the beautiful diversity in our neighborhood through multiple generations and socioeconomic statuses.

6. Equipping

We believe that each person has gifts given to them by God that will help build us together as a community on mission for Jesus. We are committed to helping people identity, develop and deploy their gifts for the good of the church and to the glory of God.

7. Town and village focused

We believe that if the church is going to have a strategic in influence in our culture for the fame of Jesus, town and villages should be the focus of our mission efforts.  For us, that means that while we want to be part of gospel expansion wherever possible, we are most committed to seeing that happen in our town, Nibo and some interior communities around.

8. Next Generation

We are committed to passing down our mission, vision and values to the next generation through engaging children and youth with age specific teaching, modeling Christ centered lives and intentionally integrating them into the life of the church.