Anglican Children Ministry


We strongly believe the word of God that says ”

Anglican Children Ministry

Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives

Proverbs 22:6 (GNB)

To this end, we pay strong emphasis to child upbringing. We do not treat with disdain, leaders of tomorrow, for we believe that whatever a man sows, in due time, he will surely reap the reward of it.

We understand that Children have a way of learning and so, we have employed a professionally designed approach of training children both at our Monday classes and in our school – CHILDREN OF LIGHT NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL, NIBO. We therefore implore you not just to send your children to the children section but also to our school for holistic life training.

Under God, we have disciples that labour in the area of child upbringing. Children as leaders of tomorrow are our first discipleship focus. The very first call of mission outside the family institution is in the area of child upbringing.

You can decide to labour or support the labour in this ministry by contacting the church authorities.