Anglican Youth Fellowship

Fellowship In Christ is the motto of the AYF.

Youth Fellowship

The youth arm of the church is the place where every youth is trained under God t become useful for themselves, their immediate community, the church and the society at large.

The Anglican youth fellowship (AYF) is the platform for this coordination. The motto of the AYF, “Towards The Perfect Man” is the focus of this life training. If you see yourself in the youth category, we employ you to join this ministry and faithfully serve the Lord there.

The youth arm of the church is the most vibrant section of the church and so are the pillars for sustaining our said objectives. Youths are trained in a variety of ways to become mature as a vessel for the Lord – which will not be easily tossed to and fro by the evil wind of another gospel that have filled the air in the recent time.

The youths gather together for her practices every Friday by 5pm inside the church auditorium.