Girls’ Guild


Girls Guild


The Girls’ Guild has come to stay as an important Church organization for girls and young women. The founders of the organization envisioned a community of young people who would be nurtured and molded within the Christian church environment to conform to the image of our lord Jesus Christ as they prepare for adulthood and family life.

This organization is very beneficial to the life of a young girl. It is undoubtedly the most important organization for nurturing young girls of age 12years and above who are confirmed. Girls within this age range would normally be in secondary and tertiary institution or in employment of some sort. They would be experiencing lots of changes, both in their bodies and in their environments.

The role of all the mixed organization is appreciated, but issues peculiar to girls cannot be freely discussed in the presence of boys. The Girls’ Guild strongly feels this gaping need for the girls. During Girls’ Guild meetings, different activities are planned and executed. Some of these activities included:
1) Workshops on how to be a Good Home-Maker.
2) How to cook Different Dishes, Both Native and continental.
3) Lessons on how to bake and Decorate cakes and Biscuits of all kinds.
4) Lessons on soaps, pomade and powder making.
5) Lessons on skills like Tie-Dye, knitting and Needle work of all sorts.
6) Lesson on other Arts and Crafts.
7) Programs on Acquiring Excellent Etiquette and Hygiene.
8) Sound Bible Studies and Teachings where seasoned Teachers of the Word of God are also invited to Handle Various Topics that would help the Girls grow spiritually and physically
The Bible study and other forms of teaching achieve many goals. They provide opportunities for the girls to discover who they are in Christ and to know themselves. They admonish and encourage the girls to be rooted in the Word of God and to abide by all the rules and prayer guidelines of the Girls’ Guild. They provide and encourage positive peer pressures as they meet other girls who are zealous for Christ. Attendance at such programmes also helps our girls to keep away from worldly girls that could corrupt them. Paul warned the Corinthians in 1 Cor. 15:33, that evil communication corrupts good manners; and we help our girls to take warning seriously, because as the saying goes, one rotten tomato can contaminate a basket full of tomatoes. We live in a wicked and perverse generation but as our girls are taught to live for Christ their lives become pure, different and also a positive influence in the society, as they witness for Christ in both word and deed.

As the girls are thought different skills, they discover their talents. So many of our Girls’ Guild members are earning from what they had learnt in the Girls’ Guild meeting. It is not all work and no play as we organize camp meetings and picnics in parks. We appeal to mothers to make themselves available for God to use them to teach to these girls what they know and to encourage their daughters to join the Girls’ Guild.
Pr-marital Counseling is also done to the girls like:

  • Adaptability and flexibility: Adapt to the other party(husband) and changes as the relationship may demand from time to time
  • Empathy: The ability to feel the hurts, pains and desire of the other party with them and experience the world from the perspective.
  • Problem-solving: This the ability to work through problems when they occur. In counseling, the young couple will learn how to identify a problem, talk it through and resolve it before it becomes a crisis.
  • Love: we assume that because two people are getting married, they know how to give and receive love.
  • Emotional stability: The young couple will learn how to deal with their emotions knowing what is and is not acceptable. For example, they will learn that fighting is no way to resolve problems and so they will learn to control those emotions that can lead to such situations etc.
  • Communication skills: This involves learning how to get across what you want the other person to hear without offending in your speech. Also, they have to learn the important of openness to one another. Keeping secrets damages relationships.
  • Roles: They learn about roles, who does what and who ought to do what. They also learn their responsibilities.
  • In laws: They also learn the important and place of in-laws so that they do not end up becoming outlaws.
  • Finances: In finances the would-be couple learns and agrees on how to handle their money. Openness here is extremely important as the devil can use money to destabilize a marriage.

We encourage every prospective couple to find a good marriage counselor who will take them through pre-marital counseling.

1) To be regular in Attendance at Girls’ Guild meeting
2) To be regular in Attendance at the church services, class, and Sunday school.
3) To cultivate the Habit of Bible reading and prayer everyday
4) To be pure in thought, word and deed.
5) To keep your person clean and Holy
6) To be neat and tidy in my dressing
7) To learn to be obedient and useful at all times
8) To be straight forward, Honest & truthful in my ways
9) To be kind and helpful to all
10) To obey my parents and those in Authority over us.