Is not this the man they are trying to kill?

Many a times, we are forced into a cave of defeat because of the treats of the enemy. We do not live out our purpose on earth because of the fear that we will not succeed, or that we will be killed. In fact, some are not able to perform, not because they can’t, but because of the fear of failure. Are you in this category? Don’t worry, this short article will motivate your heart.
Before we proceed, let us read the scripture and see what the people witnessed about Jesus.

John 7:25-26,30
[25]Some of the people who lived in Jerusalem started to ask each other, “Isn’t this the man they are trying to kill?
[26]But here he is, speaking in public, and they say nothing to him. Could our leaders possibly believe that he is the Messiah?
[30]Then the leaders tried to arrest him; but no one laid a hand on him, because his time had not yet come.

Did you see the worry of their hearts? I thought that a man that is aware that his enemies are after him will be preoccupied with the project of protecting himself. Why is he still doing public ministry? Why is he not preoccupied with the prayers of killing his enemies? What manner of man is this? He will not be stopped by the treats of the Jewish leaders, even of death, why?
I am not writing to tell you that your enemies will stop chasing you, no that is not my focus. In fact, let me quickly tell you that they eventually killed Jesus. If it has been ordained that you will die at the hands of a man, surely you will die like that. However, the man that availed himself to be used will eventually pay the price.

The purpose of this article is to refocus your attention to your purpose in life. Even when you die without pain, your eternal pain will be, not fulfilling your purpose on earth. In other words, a man can only be satisfied in death if he fulfills the purpose of his calling. Apostle Paul said he was ready to be offered as a drink offering unto the Lord. When he noticed that he has fulfilled his ministry, fear of death could not stop him from going to Jerusalem despite the prophecies coming upon his head.

Child of the most high God, the purpose of the devil in binding you with fear of death, failure, defeat and so on is that you will not live out your potentials on earth. Nations are waiting for your manifestation, but he will keep telling you that you are not qualified, not up to par, not ready yet, not going to make it and so on.

I charge you today, rise up and labour on. If peradventure you fall, rise to your feet and and keep working. Even when you make mistake, rise to your feet and keep working. Many fears you are nursing and many weaknesses you have now will certainly be handled by experience. Labour on! I say it again, labour on!

Note verse 30 of that scripture. They could not lay hold on him because it was not yet his time. I tell you, nobody can kill you before your time. When your time is fulfilled, your sense of fulfilment will help you to pray for the good of your enemies as Stephen did.

Now, rise from where you are, labour on! You can make a difference. Nations are waiting for your manifestation. Rise and manifest in this your day in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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