See who is employing our skilled youths!

He carried away all Jerusalem and all the officials and all the mighty men of valor, 10,000 captives, and all the craftsmen and the smiths. None remained, except the poorest people of the land. 2 Kings 24:14

Peharps, you also may be asking:

Where are our valiant youths? What really happened to them?

Where are the great technocrats whom God has endowed with special abilities in the field of science to make inventions in the field of medicine, Geology, Agriculture, Technology, and so on?

Where are the young men God has given special leadership qualities in politics, education and economy to transform these sectors?

Where are the great musicians who will sing down the glory of God will powerful worship songs?

Where are are the great business gurus whom God has deposited with great abilities to engage in both local and international trades and become huge success in the business world?

It is clear to me that the enemy has robbed our Churches of these Youths. Yes, he has robbed us of these great youths and have engaged them in his service. A great number of our youths are actively engaged in the service of the Kingdom of darkness with these great potentials that the Lord has given them. I don’t want to begin to mention several states in Babylon where they are engaged in servitude. You know already. Many of them have bowed to worship him, thinking he would give them the kingdom of this world. Many have been deceived and they are already turning water into wine, congregation into shops. These are great potentials.

Church leaders! Where are you? Are you also deceived?

We are left in the church with very poor youths with less expertise and Spiritual capacity. We are left with a large number of youths who will not contribute much to the nation and the kingdom. And more so, we seem not to be doing enough. There will great danger if the sword is only found in the hands of Saul and Jonathan.

This is the burden for our call for youth prayer retreat holding:

At St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Agulu.
On Saturday 15th February, 2020.
Time is 10am.

Part of the burden for this retreat is to raise a heart cry to God, to deliver our youths from the service of the enemy. We are also going to cry that God will raise for us valiant youths again in this time.

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